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Saven Financial’s new log in

Saven's new multi-factor authentication (MFA) log in has launched, and with our upgraded mobile app, you can access your online accounts and complete your transactions.

Here’s some information to help you get through the transition.

  • The new enhanced security and log-in process are supported by the latest version of the Saven app. If you haven't deleted the older app and downloaded the new app yet, please do so to access your accounts.
  • When you register for the new app, you will be asked to enter your new PIN a few times so we can confirm your digital identity. The addition of MFA ensures another layer of protection to our members' accounts and personal information.
  • Your smartphone will need to be updated to the latest version of iOS or Android OS (or up to two earlier versions).
  • Be sure biometrics is set up on your smartphone. If you need help with this, click on the applicable tutorial for your device. Please note that each device has different instructions

Samsung Android
Google Android
Huawei Android
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