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Celebration Planning Tips and More

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Celebration planning tips and more

Who doesn’t love a great party? The season of celebrations starts in late spring and runs through summer and into early fall. Weddings, showers, graduations, milestone anniversaries, family reunions -- the list of reasons to celebrate is long and varied.

Every social gathering, large or small, share three things in common – budgeting, planning and making memories. Whether you’re planning to tie the knot or hosting other events to celebrate special occasions, set your overall budget and use it as a guide for planning. Here are a few planning tips to consider to help minimize financial concerns while maximizing memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The Menu

Whether you hire a caterer or plan to cater the event yourself, food and refreshments are not only a major highlight of any celebration, they are also one of the biggest expenses. With a fixed budget for this expense category, there’s no getting-around the fact that the number of guests you host will directly impact what you will be serving.

Create your guest list and then work on your menu. Calculate the cost per person of your menu. Then use that figure to adjust or finalize your selections, based on the number of people your budget will cover.

The Venue

When selecting a location for your event, there are practical things to consider like cost, availability, adequate event space, guest facilities and parking – to name a few. Practicalities aside, what you are really doing is deciding on the atmosphere you want to create to ensure a memorable occasion for you and your guests. This doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the grandest ballroom as you may decide a cozy backyard is the right venue for your special celebration. Be creative when exploring the options.

There’s no right or wrong. The best venue option is the one that meets your needs, suits your style and fits your budget.

Let the Party Begin

Your choice of entertainment is another memory-maker that will have an amazing impact on your special event. There are many entertainment options ranging from home music systems and playlists to DJs and live performers. Budget permitting, there’s many other types of amusement to consider too, like photo booths, magicians and buskers and much more. It’s fun just to think about the many options and see what’s out there.

Research and check references before to booking any professional entertainment. Word-of-mouth recommendations are still one of the best ways to find a crowd-pleasing act.

Make It Yours

This is catch-all category for a huge list of added touches and essentials that can add-up to a big chunk of your budget. Invitations, flowers, decorations, photography, favours – if you are planning a wedding, that’s only the beginning. With many of these items, there’s an opportunity to save on your budget. Take invitations for example. There are so many attractive digital design options you’re bound to find one that fits your event. They can also make it easier for you and your guests to manage replies, plus you’re saving paper, not to mention print and postage costs.

Make a list and consider if and how to make each added touch your own. You’ll want to be sure each one is a worthwhile investment in your priceless memories.

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