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Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Buying food is one of the biggest expenses for Canadians and accounts for a large portion of our monthly budget. To help find ways to save, we have included some tips to help cut costs without compromising flavour.

Buying large quantities

Buying in bulk can save money with minimal effort. It’s important to make sure you can consume it all before it goes bad, but some groceries freeze well. This can extend their shelf life by several months, making big quantities more feasible.

It always pays to check prices and compare to be sure buying large quantities is actually less expensive.

Watch for sales

Most grocery stores have weekly sales, so it may make sense to plan your meals around what’s in the flyer when possible. Different places offer different sale items, so check multiple stores to maximize your savings.

Learn new recipes

Get to know a different food culture as this will likely introduce you to new ingredients and cooking techniques. Through exploring, you may discover new, low cost, nutritious ingredients you can use as a substitute for more expensive items. Great examples are beans and lentils which pack a whole lot of nutrients and at a very low cost.

Make your own sauces

This can be a fun, cost-effective way of saving money. Making your own sauces also means you are in control of the ingredients and can create healthier choices by avoiding preservatives.
If you are feeling ambitious you may want to try creating your own jams. This can be more complicated but easy on the wallet, especially if you are able to get fruit that is in season or bulk frozen berries.

Plan ahead

By preparing healthy meal plans, you can save time and effort in addition to creating less waste. The best way to plan is to write it down, or find an app. Go one step further and cook ahead, pre-proportion and store your food in sealable containers to save money in the long-run.

At Saven Financial, we’re passionate about helping people save. It’s why we’re committed to delivering a simple, and safe way to save money so our members can achieve their financial goals through smart saving.

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