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Surviving the winter without breaking the bank

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The dead of winter can be a tough time of year for many as the cold temperatures keep most of us indoors. All that time spent inside can have a negative effect not only on our mood, but also on our bank account. It can become easy to justify spending as a way to cope with the long cold days. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help beat those winter blues!

Stay inside and get cozy

It can be very tempting to overspend in the winter as a way to reward yourself for putting up with the cold. An easy way to avoid this is to stay away from places where you will be tempted to spend money. When it’s cold outside, the simple pleasure of making a hot drink and grabbing a blanket can go a long way – especially in the comfort of your own home. By finding ways to make your home cozy you will likely feel more comfortable and content. Everyone is different but generally things like candles, cozy blankets, warm drinks, and snacks can make for a super inviting retreat in the winter. Find what works for you, then follow your budget and try to be thrifty when buying these sorts of items.

Embrace the cold and get outdoors

Although winter may not be your favourite season, it does bring opportunities to have fun outdoors. Skating, skiing, sledding, and just playing in the snow are fun winter activities. While it is true some of these activities require equipment that can be expensive, you don’t need to break the bank. Consider purchasing things like skis or skates second-hand, where you can usually find them at a considerable discount.

All of these outdoor activities have the added benefit of being great exercise making the season much more bearable and potentially a lot of fun.

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